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Seven Brew Menu

As a valued customer of Seven Brew Menu, you likely have questions about our menu offerings and how we craft each cup or pastry to perfection. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to order. This article provides helpful answers to frequently asked questions about Seven Brew Menu items. Learn what makes our signature espresso blend so robust. Discover how we bake croissants to achieve that perfect, flaky texture. Understand what dairy alternatives we offer to accommodate various dietary needs. Whether you’re new to Seven Brew or a regular, this overview will provide useful details to help you become more familiar with our menu. Let’s explore some common inquiries about our passionately prepared drinks and treats.Seven Brew Café offers a variety of high-quality coffee selections, as well as tasty bakery items and light fare. Our menu focuses on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to craft delicious food and beverages.

Premium Coffee Selection


We proudly serve coffee from local roasters who source ethically-grown beans. Choose from espresso drinks, pour-overs, cold brew coffee, and nitro coffee on tap. Non-dairy milk alternatives like almond and oat milk are also available.

Fresh-Baked Pastries

Our pastry selection features croissants, scones, muffins, and more, made in-house daily using all-natural ingredients. We also offer gluten-free and vegan options like coconut milk yogurt parfaits and chia pudding.

Hearty Breakfast Sandwiches

For heartier fare, choose from breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or avocado on a fresh-baked biscuit, wrap or English muffin. We also have omelets, burritos and breakfast bowls with hash browns or fresh fruit.

Light Lunch Options

Our lunch menu includes soups, salads, quinoa bowls, and panini sandwiches. We focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and balanced options for an energy-boosting midday meal.

Specialty Beverages

In addition to premium coffee and espresso drinks, we offer Italian sodas, fruit-infused water, kombucha on tap, and nitro cold brew coffee. Fresh-brewed organic tea, hot chocolate, and matcha lattes are also available.

We hope you will visit us soon to enjoy our gourmet yet unpretentious fare and relaxing, contemporary ambiance. Our friendly baristas look forward to crafting your perfect drink!

Seven Brew Café’s Signature Coffee Drinks


For those looking for an intense coffee experience, an espresso is a must-try. Made by forcing hot water or steam through finely ground coffee beans, espresso produces a thick, concentrated coffee extract. The result is a bold coffee with a rich, robust flavor. Seven Brew Café uses a special blend of beans perfectly suited to make a balanced espresso with notes of chocolate and spice.


A cappuccino is a popular espresso-based drink consisting of espresso, steamed milk and foamed or frothed milk. The milk adds a creamy and frothy element to the strong espresso base. Seven Brew Menu cappuccinos are made with care by expert baristas who delicately froth the milk to a silky, velvety texture. With a dusting of cinnamon or chocolate powder, it’s a cozy treat.

Cold Brew Coffee

For those looking for a refreshing coffee drink in the warmer months, cold brew coffee is ideal. Seven Brew Menu cold brew coffee starts with course-ground beans steeped in cold water for 12-24 hours. The slow brewing process produces a coffee concentrate that is naturally sweet with hints of cocoa and berry flavors. Milk, cream or your choice of milk alternative can be added over ice for a revitalizing cold coffee drink. The smooth, mellow cold brew is lower in acidity so you can enjoy coffee’s flavor without the bitterness.

Other Beverage Options

In addition to premium coffees, Seven Brew Menu offers a selection of teas, fruit smoothies, Italian sodas and more. There is something to satisfy every taste at Seven Brew Menu. Come discover your new favorite drink!

Food Options at Seven Brew Menu


Seven Brew Café offers a variety of breakfast options to satisfy your morning cravings. They serve classic breakfast sandwiches with egg, cheese and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham on an English muffin or bagel. For a heartier option, try their breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, salsa and potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla. If you prefer something lighter, their yogurt parfaits, oatmeal and fresh fruit are healthy choices.


Seven Brew Café has a range of lunch items including soups, salads, sandwiches and flatbreads. Their signature sandwiches include the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich with cranberry chutney and Havarti cheese and the Portobello Sandwich with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese. For a lighter lunch, their Harvest Salad with mixed greens, nuts, and an apple cider vinaigrette is a popular choice.

Coffee and Pastries

In addition to their breakfast and lunch menus, Seven Brew Café offers freshly brewed coffee, espresso drinks and teas as well as a variety of pastries. Their display case is filled with scones, muffins, croissants and other treats to accompany your beverage of choice. Everything is baked in-house daily using high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

With its cozy, community atmosphere and selection of casual fare made from wholesome ingredients, Seven Brew Café aims to be your home away from home. Whether meeting a friend for coffee, grabbing breakfast on the go or enjoying a relaxing lunch, there are options for whatever you’re in the mood for at Seven Brew Café.

Seven Brew Café’s Unique Ambience

Relaxed Yet Stylish Interior

Seven Brew Café has a relaxed yet stylish interior with rustic wooden accents that emanate warmth. The cafe is decorated in a minimalist style with indoor plants, soft lighting, and comfortable seating arrangements. The atmosphere cultivates an ambiance conducive to casual conversations, reading, or solo contemplation while enjoying one of the cafe’s signature brews.

Outdoor Seating Options

For those who prefer fresh air and natural sunlight, Seven Brew Café offers outdoor seating in its courtyard. The courtyard is decorated with string lights, potted plants, and wooden benches, exuding a charming European feel. Enjoy your coffee or meal outside while people watching or simply appreciating being surrounded by nature in an urban setting.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

The staff at Seven Brew Café are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable regarding the cafe’s menu offerings. They can provide recommendations to help customers discover a new favorite drink or meal. The high quality of service combined with the cafe’s ambience explains why Seven Brew Café has become a popular neighborhood spot and destination for visitors from afar.

Commitment to Community

Seven Brew Café has a strong commitment to community. The cafe collaborates with local artists, musicians, and nonprofit organizations to host events. They also work with vendors in the neighborhood to source fresh, high-quality ingredients. The cafe’s community-centered philosophy and support of other local businesses has allowed it to become an integral part of the fabric of the neighborhood.

In summary, Seven Brew Café provides an inviting space to enjoy premium artisanal coffee, wholesome food, and the company of others. Its relaxed and stylish ambience, outdoor seating options, friendly staff, and commitment to community cultivate an enjoyable experience for customers and foster a sense of place. No wonder locals and visitors alike keep coming back.


FAQs About Seven Brew Menu

What types of coffee are offered on the menu?

Seven Brew offers a variety of premium coffee options to suit any taste. The menu features single-origin coffees from regions around the world, including Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, and beyond. In addition to drip coffee, we offer pour-over coffees made to order using the pour-over brewing method which allows for more control over flavor extraction. For espresso-based drinks, we use high-quality espresso beans to make lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and more.

What is the difference between the single-origin coffees?

Our single-origin coffees come from specific regions, allowing the unique flavors of each region to shine through. For example, coffees from Latin America tend to have notes of chocolate and nut, while African coffees are often floral and fruity. Coffees from Indonesia frequently have earthy, spicy flavors. The specific notes for each single-origin coffee are listed on the menu to help guide your selection.

Do you offer any decaf coffee options?

Yes, we offer one decaffeinated single-origin drip coffee and one decaffeinated espresso option for those avoiding caffeine. Our decaf coffees are processed using the natural Swiss Water Process, which gently removes caffeine while preserving the original flavor of the beans.

Are there any vegan options on the coffee menu?

All of our regular drip coffees, pour-overs, and espressos are vegan, as they contain only coffee beans and water. We also offer several vegan-friendly espresso-based drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites made with plant-based milks such as almond milk or oat milk. Please note that our whipped cream topping does contain dairy, so be sure to request your drink without whipped cream for a vegan option.

Do you offer any seasonal or limited-time drinks?

In addition to our regular menu, we frequently offer seasonal specials and limited-time drinks to keep things interesting for our customers. Some examples include our fall-inspired pumpkin spice latte, cold brew coffee in the summer, and holiday-themed drinks in December. Follow us on social media to get updates on our current seasonal offerings and specials.As we wrap up this overview of frequently asked questions about Seven Brew’s menu, it’s clear there are many details that go into sourcing, preparing, and serving high-quality coffee and tea. While the process may seem complex, Seven Brew’s experienced baristas have undergone extensive training to craft consistent, delicious beverages. We hope this FAQ has shed light on some of the most common customer inquiries and given you greater insight into Seven Brew’s commitment to excellence. Our goal is to serve you an unforgettable cup, every time. We look forward to seeing you again soon at one of our cafes.

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7 Brew Menu


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