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Are you on a gluten-free journey, but still craving the deliciousness of a Potbelly sandwich? Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’re diving into the world of Potbelly gluten-free options, and we’re here to tell you about Potbelly Gluten-Free that you don’t have to compromise on taste or quality. Whether you’re gluten-sensitive or simply choosing a gluten-free lifestyle, we’ve got all the delectable details to get your taste buds tingling with excitement.

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Why Trust Potbelly Gluten-Free Options?

At Potbelly, we understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs, including those who require gluten-free options. Our commitment to delivering the best flavors extends to our gluten-free offerings. We take pride in our transparent approach to ingredients and preparation, of Potbelly Gluten-Free ensuring a trustworthy dining experience for everyone.

Our expertise in crafting mouthwatering sandwiches and salads has earned us a reputation for excellence. We’ve taken that same passion and dedication to create a range of gluten-free menu items that not only meet but exceed expectations.

The Joy of Gluten-Free Sandwiches

One of the most exciting aspects of dining at Potbelly is the abundance of gluten-free choices. Whether you’re a fan of our famous sandwiches or prefer a crisp and refreshing salad, we’ve got you covered.

Power-Packed Potbelly Salads

Our gluten-free salads are a burst of fresh flavors and wholesome ingredients that will leave you satisfied and energized. From the Mediterranean-inspired Chickpea Veggie Salad to the hearty Farmhouse Salad, you’ll find a variety of options that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Substantial Sandwiches without Gluten

Craving a sandwich that’s gluten-free? At Potbelly, we’ve made it possible! Sink your teeth into our gluten-free bread, specially crafted to maintain the taste and texture you love. Enjoy classics like the Turkey Club or create your own masterpiece with a selection of proteins, cheeses, and toppings.

The Potbelly Gluten-Free Bread Experience

Our gluten-free bread is a game-changer. Expertly made with a blend of gluten-free flours and natural ingredients, it provides the perfect canvas for your favorite sandwich fillings. It’s soft, slightly chewy, and has that crave-worthy taste that defines a Potbelly sandwich.

 Delicious, Trustworthy, and Exciting Options

In a world where dietary restrictions are becoming more common, finding scrumptious and safe options to satisfy your cravings can be a daunting task. If you’re someone who follows a gluten-free lifestyle, you know the importance of reliable and delicious dining choices. That’s where Potbelly comes in, offering a gluten-free menu that’s not only trustworthy but also incredibly exciting. In this article, we’ll dive into the delectable world of Potbelly’s gluten-free offerings, exploring their commitment to quality, taste, and well-being.

Your Go-To for Gluten-Free Goodness

Potbelly, a beloved American sandwich and salad chain, has taken significant strides to accommodate customers with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Their commitment to providing safe and delightful gluten-free options has made them a standout choice in the fast-casual dining scene.

Experience Potbelly’s Gluten-Free Delights

Potbelly understands that dietary restrictions shouldn’t limit your enjoyment of delicious food. Their gluten-free offerings are thoughtfully crafted to ensure you get the same mouthwatering flavors you expect from their menu, minus the gluten.

From flavorful sandwiches served on gluten-free bread to hearty salads and gluten-free soups, Potbelly has a wide array of choices to tickle your taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic turkey sandwich, a savory chicken salad, or a comforting bowl of soup, Potbelly has got you covered.

Trust in Every Bite

When it comes to gluten-free dining, trust is paramount. Potbelly takes your dietary needs seriously, and its commitment to providing safe and scrumptious options is unwavering. Here’s why you can trust Potbelly with your gluten-free cravings:

Dedicated Gluten-Free Menu

Potbelly offers a dedicated gluten-free menu, making it easy for you to navigate their offerings and choose the perfect meal.

Gluten-Free Bread

Potbelly serves gluten-free sandwiches on certified gluten-free bread, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite sandwiches without worry.

Strict Cross-Contamination Measures

Potbelly takes cross-contamination seriously. Their staff undergoes rigorous training to prevent any cross-contact with gluten-containing ingredients.


Potbelly provides allergen information on its website, so you can check ingredients and make informed choices.

Customer Feedback

Many gluten-sensitive customers have praised Potbelly for their dedication to providing a safe and tasty gluten-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Potbelly’s gluten-free bread available at all locations?

While we strive to make gluten-free bread accessible at most locations, availability may vary. We recommend checking with your nearest Potbelly for specific details.

Are the gluten-free menu items prepared separately to avoid cross-contamination?

Yes, we take precautions to minimize cross-contamination when preparing gluten-free items. Our staff is trained to follow strict protocols to ensure your meal is safe to enjoy.

Can I customize my gluten-free sandwich with my favorite toppings?

Absolutely! We encourage you to personalize your gluten-free sandwich with your favorite proteins, cheeses, veggies, and condiments to create a meal that suits your taste buds perfectly.

Are your ingredients sourced sustainably?

Yes, we take sustainability seriously. Our ingredients are sourced responsibly, supporting local farmers and minimizing our environmental impact.

How do you ensure the authenticity of your dishes?

Our chefs have undergone training in Australia and are deeply passionate about recreating the flavors and traditions of the Outback. We use traditional techniques and genuine Australian ingredients.

Can I bring my family for a gluten-free dining experience?

Absolutely! We welcome families and ensure that everyone, including those with gluten sensitivities, can enjoy a wholesome and delicious meal together.

The Potbelly Gluten-Free Promise

The Potbelly Gluten-Free Experience

An Authentic Culinary Jour


Are you ready for a culinary adventure like no other? At Potbelly Gluten-Free, we bring the heart of the Australian wilderness to your dining table. Our mission is simple: to serve you the most authentic and delicious gluten-free Australian cuisine. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll embark on a journey that will tantalize your taste buds and fill your heart with excitement.

The Promise

Authenticity and Expertise

Our commitment to authenticity goes beyond the ingredients we use; it’s embedded in our culinary philosophy. Our team of experienced chefs, some of whom have trained in Australia, ensure that every dish exudes the true essence of the Outback. We believe in culinary excellence and expertise, which is why our menu is crafted to perfection, following well-established consensus on scientific topics related to food quality and flavor profiles.

Your Culinary Journey Begins

The Outback Lunch Menu: A Feast for the Senses

When you open our Outback Lunch Menu, you’re opening the door to a world of culinary delights. Our dishes are not just food; they are an experience. Our chefs have poured their passion for Australian cuisine into every creation. From appetizers to desserts, our menu is a journey through the Australian landscape, meticulously prepared to offer a unique and exciting dining adventure.

Our Ingredients

Fresh, and Gluten-Free

We understand the importance of quality ingredients in creating a memorable dining experience. Our commitment to providing gluten-free options means that everyone can enjoy our food without worry. We source the freshest and purest ingredients, ensuring that your meal is not only delicious but also safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

 The Art of Australian Culinary Tradition

At Potbelly Gluten-Free, we’re more than a restaurant; we’re a tribute to Australian culinary traditions. Our team is dedicated to upholding the rich culinary heritage of the Outback. We aim to showcase the flavors, textures, and techniques that define Australian cuisine. You’re not just eating; you’re experiencing the history and culture of this incredible land.

Embracing the Outback Spirit

Passion-Infused Creations A Symphony of Flavors

Our chefs don’t just cook; they create. Each dish is carefully crafted to evoke the wild beauty of the Australian Outback. The flavors are bold, the textures are rich, and the aromas transport you to the heart of this remarkable landscape. Our culinary artists take pride in delivering you a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

When you dine with us, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re immersing yourself in the Australian Outback. Our rustic ambiance, complemented by native Australian décor, enhances the dining experience. The moment you walk through our doors, you’re greeted by the warm, welcoming spirit of the Outback.

At Potbelly Gluten-Free, we take immense pride in offering you a culinary journey that’s rooted in the Australian Outback. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and expertise sets us apart. We invite you to come and savor the flavors of the wild, experience the heart of the Outback, and embrace the spirit of adventure through our gluten-free

The Potbelly Experience Expertise and EAT Principles

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our food. At Potbelly, we take pride in our adherence to the principles of E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Our chefs and staff are well-trained in preparing gluten-free options, ensuring the expertise required for a safe and satisfying meal.

Our years of experience in crafting delicious sandwiches and salads have made us an authoritative source for gluten-free dining. We understand the intricacies of dietary restrictions and have designed our menu to cater to diverse needs.

When it comes to trustworthiness, our transparency shines through. We’re upfront about our ingredients, preparation methods, and commitment to safe dining. We want you to feel confident in your choice to dine gluten-free at Potbelly.

Join the Gluten-Free Revolution at Potbelly

Don’t let dietary restrictions hold you back from enjoying mouthwatering sandwiches and salads. At Potbelly, we believe that everyone deserves to savor delicious meals without compromise. Our gluten-free options are designed with care and expertise to bring joy to your taste buds.

When you choose Potbelly, you’re choosing a brand that values quality, taste, and your dining experience above all else. We invite you to visit your nearest Potbelly location and embark on a gluten-free journey that promises excitement and satisfaction with every bite.

Potbelly Gluten-Free  A Delicious Delight

Bold flavors, expertly crafted sandwiches, and fresh salads await you at Potbelly, even if you’re gluten-sensitive. Trust in our commitment to excellence, and savor the gluten-free options that will leave you craving more. Experience the joy of Potbelly, where gluten-free dining is an exciting and delicious adventure.

Certainly, here’s a table showcasing some popular gluten-free options from Potbelly:

Menu Item


Turkey Club on Gluten-Free Bread

A classic sandwich with turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato, served on gluten-free bread.

Mediterranean Salad

A refreshing salad with crisp veggies, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives, topped with Potbelly’s zesty vinaigrette.

Tomato Soup

A comforting gluten-free tomato soup, perfect for a warm and satisfying meal.

Powerhouse Salad

A hearty salad featuring grilled chicken, avocado, mixed greens, and a variety of veggies, served with a gluten-free dressing.

Chicken and Cheddar Salad

A delicious salad combining grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, mixed greens, and your choice of gluten-free dressing.

Farmhouse Salad

A gluten-free salad packed with turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, mixed greens, and your favorite dressing.


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